Short takes from WIFTI conference, part 1

Posted Monday 12 Jun 2017

As many of you will know, WIFT's national manager Patricia was in London last month to attend the WIFTI Chapter Executive Conference (thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission for their support).

Over the next few issues of e-news, we'll bring you a series of short takes from some of the presentations Patricia saw and valued.

This week, something to inspire you... points from a presentation by Anne Morrison, WFTV board member and former chair (now the deputy chair) of Bafta, and an expert in women in leadership

- What can we do for ourselves? We must actively invest in our own development.
- In any situation, the thing most controllable is ourselves and how we react to a situation.
- So many even senior women lack confidence - you are not alone!
- So many people have trouble with public speaking. Film yourselves and ask for help from those you trust.
- On being confident: favour yes. If you are in a dilemma, favour yes.
- Scare yourself a little each day.
- Try to have as full a life as possible.
- Diversify the sources of your self-esteem.
- Be pushy with charm, and never put yourself down.
- Make sure you make an impact.
- Speak early and speak often.