Bonfire screening this Wednesday in Wellington

Posted Tuesday 21 Mar 2017

This remarkable debut feature film, Bonfire, recently screened at the Maoriland Film Festival, and it's coming to the capital tomorrow for a one-off screening and Q&A at Park Road Post with first-time director Dmitrii Davydov.

Bonfire was made in just 15 days with mainly non-professional cast and crew. Deep in the Sakha Republic in eastern Siberia, Ignat is a hard-working widower who keeps to himself and tries to do the right thing. When his son accidently kills his own cousin, Ignat's brother Mikhail blames him for raising a killer, causing a deep rift between siblings. But when Chipmunk - a young boy who is neglected by his parents - enters Ignat's world, he finds solace in his presence and tries to teach him the things he could not give his son.

Come and see for yourself, and meet the director in person, at the cinema at Park Road Post, 2pm Wed 22 March - tomorrow!

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Video slot: shorts on the politics of water and democracy

Posted Tuesday 21 Mar 2017

New WIFT member Rose Archer is proud to share two documentary shorts she's worked on, which traverse the subjects of New Zealand and international politics.

Water for Gold
Water for Gold tells the alarming story of how international trade law is leading us to trade our most basic rights to clean, safe water for access to gold. This was made through Loading Docs, and premiered at the NZIFF. It's a sister film to Beautiful Democracy.

Beautiful Democracy
Beautiful Democracy is a vibrant exploration of the art and activism surrounding the Pro-Democracy movement in New Zealand. This was made entirely through crowd fundraising. It is a longer documentary short (running at 23 minutes), about New Zealanders finding a way to engage in and defend democracy in New Zealand. Since the film was crowd-fundraised, the makers have released the film online for free so that people can access, and screen, the film with minimal limitations.