Free workshops this week on copyright and the creative process

Posted Monday 20 Mar 2017

Patricia Aufderheide

The Copyright Act is likely to be reviewed within the next two years to ensure that it is still fit for a rapidly moving digital environment. Any change to the Act becomes crucial to encouraging cultural production and innovation.

This week the University of Auckland is hosting two workshops and a presentation by Patricia Aufderheide (pictured), a University Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C., and a documentary film maker.

Patricia was instrumental in drafting the "Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use". She founded of the Center for Media & Social Impact, and is currently a Fulbright Scholar at Queensland University of Technology. Patricia's research interests focus on copyright and individual creators - film makers, dancers, playwrights, designers, visual artists, and musicians - whose voices often go unheard in the copyright debate. She is very keen to talk about copyright and the creative process with other creators.

Wednesday 22 March, 6-7pm
Fair Use, Fair Dealing, and Creative Production: Lessons from Creator Experience

In a rapidly moving digital environment, copyright policy becomes crucial to encouraging cultural production and innovation. How do creators internationally do their work in light of their understanding of copyright's requirements? How do their perceived options affect their creative production?

Patricia discusses results from a decade of research with U.S. creators, which documents a pattern of self-censorship, and compares it with more limited research on Australian and New Zealand creators. Book through Eventbrite (link above).

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 March, 10am
Creators and Copyright: is someone speaking on your behalf in this debate?

You will be encouraged to start thinking about the changes to copyright that facilitate cultural production. These free workshops are for anyone who has an interest in the creative process. Book through Eventbrite (link above).


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London Feminist Film Festival submissions open

Posted Monday 20 Mar 2017

"Keep making feminist films, and keep resisting!" So says the London Feminist Film Festival, and we reckon they're right on the money.

Submissions for the festival's fifth edition are now open to all women filmmakers around the world. Deadline for entry: 30 April 2017.

2017 is shaping up to be a scary time, and women's rights are even more under threat. With the rise of right-wing politics in Europe and a US president who is threatening human rights and the future of the planet, it is even more important to amplify the voices of oppressed groups and to show different perspectives.

LFFF is calling on filmmakers from across the globe to send in their feminist films - as always, from any genre, year, or country - so they can continue to bring feminist concerns into the mainstream. LFFF is strongly committed to supporting first-time women filmmakers, and encourages women to get their viewpoint out there by picking up a camera, phone, or other device and starting making films.

Films can be submitted via their website: #LFFF2017