Help WIFTers crowdfund for Loading Docs

Posted Tuesday 07 Mar 2017

It's that time of year again! Let's get behind WIFT members Kathleen Winter, Jaimee Poipoi and Kim Harrop to help them crowdfund for their Loading Docs projects (this year the theme is Diversity).

Their projects are among the 10 new short documentaries selected for the programme, which helps fund, create and distribute the films. Each team is required to crowdfund $2000 towards their production budget in order to receive an additional $4000 from the Loading Docs initiative and a post-production package. March is their fundraising month, so dig out your credit card and help them reach their goals!

He Awa Mutunga Kore - A Takat?pui Journey
Two worlds collide at Wellington's biggest ever LGBTIQ pride celebration where a takat?pui (queer M?ori) activist seeks self-acceptance.
Dir: Kathleen Winter
Prod: Jaimee Poipoi

The Coffin Club
The Coffin Club is a musical documentary about the celebration of life and death, and the ability to laugh at the prospect of mortality.
Prod: Kim Harrop

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