Niki Caro to helm new Disney film Mulan

Posted Monday 06 Mar 2017

Whale Rider director Niki Caro is to direct Disney's live-action version of Mulan, making her only the second woman to be hired by Disney to helm a $100m+ project. Woohoo! More details on the project here.

(And for those of you who missed it, Niki's chat with Roseanne Liang at a DEGNZ event late last year contained some surprising comments on working within the Disney machine...)

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And the Moas went to...

Posted Monday 06 Mar 2017

There were Wilderpeople. There were Maidens Blushing. Danny Boyle popped in for a while. And last Saturday night at the Moas, we celebrated the NZ film industry's many talented people, and the wonderful stories they tell.

We congratulate all the winners of the Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards, and particularly the WIFT members whose work was recognised:

- Leanne Saunders
- Jeremy Macey
- Isobel Mebus
- Curious Film
- Kirsty Cameron
- Miriam Smith
- Angela Bloomfield
- Liz DiFiore
- and the indomitable Gaylene Preston!

For a full list of winners, read on.