Boosting a new Topp Twins comedy film

Posted Sunday 14 May 2017

the long drop

WIFT member and producer Arani Cuthbert, also the Topp Twins' long-time manager and producer, is shaking the Boosted tree so they can quickly get their next project off the ground - The Long Drop.

This comic story also echoes what the Topp Twins firmly believe in: the protection of NZ's water. Set in the year 2022, high-country sheep farmer and volunteer fire fighter Kenny Boy Moller (Lynda Topp) and his best mate Ken Smythe (Jools Topp) find themselves caught up in a caper that's far bigger than their small South Island town when the community runs out of water.

Arani says, "We have a great idea for a comedy film and want to fast-track the process and get the script written without having to apply to the NZ Film Commission for funding at this stage. So we have started a Boosted campaign to raise funds. We hope that this time next year we can be filming. We are really excited to get this baby off the ground and need your support - every dollar counts!"

Check out the video and rewards via Boosted. Anyone who gifts more than $500 will get a Special Thank You on the film's end credits.