Outlining the war between Withoutabox and FilmFreeway

Posted Tuesday 30 May 2017

In a new post, Stephen Follows has dug into the battle between Withoutabox and FilmFreeway for control of the film festival submission market, and has written a fascinating investigative post encompassing the good, the bad and the ugly of that world.

"After conversations both on the record (with the platforms) and off the record (with a whole heap of film festival directors), I have discovered that there is something rather ugly going on behind the scenes.

"Withoutabox is paying film festivals large amounts of money in under-the-table deals to stop using FilmFreeway. And we're talking about big numbers. Some major festivals are receiving deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of cash, marketing deals and physical goods."

Film-makers, producers et al, you'll want to read this...