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Posted Monday 15 May 2017


... the multi-talented Aidee Walker, who directed a hyper-coloured (and very family-friendly) music video for Anna Coddington's 2016 song Apples.

"Apples was a great collaboration with production designer Jane Bucknell. Anna was breastfeeding in her Zambesi suit that day. Her eldest son featured in the filming while the baby slept," says Aidee.

Aidee Walker is a renowned actress in the NZ film and TV industry, and in recent years has transitioned into writing and directing short films and more recently writing television.

Her debut short, The F.E.U.C. (The Four Eyes United Club), was officially selected for the Palm Springs Film Festival in the States and the Show Me Shorts Festival in NZ. Her second short, Friday Tigers, won both Best Short Film and the Audience Award at the NZIFF. Aidee was a finalist in the Woman to Watch category at the 2014 WIFT Awards. Aidee completed a directing placement through the Director's Guild with South Pacific Pictures on Westside season 2 (2015/16), and played the lead role in Catching the Black Widow, filmed in Wellington and Australia.

Pop on your headphones if you're at work, and groove out!

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Finishing Fund on offer to international filmmakers

Posted Monday 15 May 2017

Is your film at rough-cut stage, and you're after some extra funds to help you put on the polish? Check out what's on offer through the Women In Film Los Angeles Film Finishing Fund 2017.

The Women In Film Finishing Fund supports films by and/or about women with cash grants and in-kind services. To qualify, the film must be at the rough cut stage at the time of submission. They encourage applications from around the world (though student projects are not eligible to receive Finishing Funds for their film).

Stella Artois has expanded their support of female filmmakers with the announcement of $100,000 in new grant money for the Women In Film Finishing Fund. Stella Artois will provide four $25,000 grants for fiction and documentary films that inspire social change, with particular consideration given to films with a water theme.

Submissions are now open, and the early-bird deadline is Jun 9, 2017 at 12:00AM PDT.

Submit a project to Women In Film Finishing Fund 2017