Welcome to all our new members

Posted Monday 01 May 2017

Blimey - we blinked and suddenly it's May! WIFT would like to officially give a (somewhat belated) welcome to all the wonderful, talented people who have become members in 2017. We've enjoyed already seeing some of you at events, and publicising news of your projects and successes through e-news. Keep in touch and let us know what you're doing, and what you'd like to see happening in the film/TV space.

Current members: have a look through the list and find out who our newest members are, then feel free to make contact through the member directory. Making connections, sharing skills and creating awesome work together is what we're all about!


Adrianne Roberts
Adrienne Kimberly Georgine
Annabelle Lee
Asuka Sylvie
Belindalee Hope
Brigid Alkema
Carly Neemia
Carol Wang
Carthew Neal
Cassandra Tse
Chaitali King
Christina Hazard
Christina Asher
Clare Burlinson
Clare Brown
Cushla Lewis
Dil Khosa
Eleisha McNeill
Erica Wilkinson
Esther Mitchell
Genevieve Maignot
Greg Smith
Greta Van Oyen
Hayley Cunningham
Helen Searancke
Helena Ashcroft
Ila Couch
Iris Huizinga
Isla Macleod
Jaime Scott
Jane Skinner
Janette Dovey
Jemma Taylor
Jimena Murray
Judith McCann
Karen Bryson
Kath Thomas
Katharine Montgomery
Kila Haitana
Kylie Croft
Lesley Simpson
Lisa Shaw
Loren Black
Lucy Everett
Lucy Holyoake
Maggie Eve Webster-Shadbolt
Mandi Lynn
Marlaina Curtis
Mary de Ruyter
Matt Hill
Melissa Bamford
Nicole Rex
Polly Stupples
Rebecca O'Brien
Renee Casserly
Rochelle Cooney
Roimata Katipa
Rose Archer
Roslyn Lusty
Ruth Harley
Sacha Campbell
Sam Dickson
Samantha Ramlu
Sarah McMullan
Sarah Kinniburgh
Shannon Cairns
Sharon Greally
Stephanie Cullen
Tara Riddell
Tina Hartung
Trinity Ludlow-Hudson
Vicky Yiannoutsos
Zia Mandviwalla