Wisdom from WIFTers on gender bias

Posted Thursday 16 Nov 2017

Hot off the press! There's a great story on Stuff.co.nz about gender bias in the New Zealand screen industry. After picking our own Patricia Watson's brains, Christchurch-based entertainment reporter Jack van Beynen interviewed cinematographer Ginny Loane, filmmaker Fiona Samuel, head tutor at the New Zealand Film and Television School in Wellington Ness Simons, and filmmaker Gaylene Preston. So, why are women underrepresented in the screen industry, van Beynen asks. Loane has a simple answer: "I've heard all the arguments in the book. 'Women aren't there, I can't find them.' Well, actually they're just behind that group of white men who are all putting their hands up."

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Final call for WIFT NZ Awards nominations

Posted Thursday 16 Nov 2017


Nominations close on 24 November! Make sure that the woman you have always thought should win an award has a chance! She can't be recognised if you don't nominate her! Jane Wrightson (pictured) was the 2016 recipient of the Great Southern Film and Television Award for Outstanding Contribution to the NZ Screen Industry. This award honours long-term outstanding work, generous support for others, and commitment to the growth of the industry both professionally and personally. This award can only be won once.

Previous winners: Ngila Dickson (2004), Robin Scholes (2005), Chloe Smith (2006), Diana Rowan (2007), Robin Laing (2008), Caterina De Nave (2009), Gaylene Preston (2010), Annie Collins (2014), Jane Wrightson (2016).

Who is missing from this fabulous list?  Click here to nominate her NOW!