Calling all available writers and producers

Posted Tuesday 31 Oct 2017

Melbourne-based Aussie/Kiwi/Filipina director Angeline Armstrong is looking for a producer and a writer to put together a submission for Fresh Shorts in mid-January, with the aim of developing longer form projects together in future. In her words:

"I'm currently developing a short film with an Iranian/American Producer in the States), but directing is my first love & strength, so I'd be keen to either co-write the screenplay or just co-write the story and work closely with a screenwriter through the process :) I've got a co-producer here in Melbs who actually moved over here from Kiwiland a few years ago, who is keen to jump on a Fresh Shorts submission with me. But she'll probably only sign on if there's a reason why we'd need an Aussie producer (i.e. if we tap into a cross-tasman story that uniquely sits in a space that is distinctly Kiwi!). As a female POC, I'm particularly interested in exploring issues of race, identity and coming-of-age, either through pure drama or something with a little more flavour ;) (magical realism; sci-fi; satire).

Here are some films I love, to get a vibe for my directorial mood/tone:

The Lobster, Boyhood, In The Mood For Love, Chungking Express, Whiplash, Manchester By The Sea, Biutiful, Drive, Annie Hall, early Jim Jarmusch (Coffee and Cigarettes, Mystery Train, Night On Earth), Frantz, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Stranger Things, A Separation, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Moon, Three Colours Trilogy...I also love Tarantino & Nolan haha.

If you're keen to have a chat (either with regards to this particular pitch, or just to connect as creatives) feel free to reach out to with your thoughts, your ideas, or just a 'hello, hi, I exist too.'