Find out what NZ distributors are looking for

Posted Saturday 28 Oct 2017

Writers, producers, directors, you won't want to hear this�but, you really need to hear this! Having a strong script and a great filmmaking team is not enough to get your project rolling; most often, securing NZFC production funding depends on a commitment from a local distributor. So Script To Screen has organised a few local industry experts to outline their decision process before taking on a project for distribution. Moderator Emma Slade talks to Tony Bald at Paramount Pictures, Andrew Cozens at Madman, Nigel Forsyth at Studio Canal and Kelly Rogers at Rialto Distribution, about what they look for and why, including genre and story elements, team, and at what stage of development they like to get on board.

When: Thursday 9 November
Where: Auckland's Basement Theatre

Doors open: 5:15pm, talk: 6:15 - 7:15pm $5 suggested koha.



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VIDEO Slot: Psusy

Posted Saturday 28 Oct 2017


A still shot from the episode Boyfriend, series 2

Jaya Beach-Robertson has rolled out another six short-and-not-so-sweet episodes of her comedy-drama webseries Psusy. Directed by Anna Duckworth, Psusy is a sort-of Kiwi female Men Behaving Badly with a double dose of 'eww'. Each 2-3 minute episode documents the lives and loves of two "very flawed and gross" but loveable friends: Karen (Beach-Robertson), and Sharee (Aria Dehar).

Beach-Robertson (who also wrote the scripts) told The Spinoff she came up with the idea of Psusy because she was "bored of the way women were portrayed on TV� pretty, clean and nice...[which] we're not."

Watch the series 2 trailer here