Tell us who is missing from this WIFT Awards list

Posted Tuesday 31 Oct 2017


No, it's not a trick question (and it's not Jane Wrightson, pictured), it's a call to action! The Great Southern Film & Television Award for Outstanding Contribution to the NZ Screen Industry honours long-term outstanding work, generous support for others, and commitment to the growth of the industry both professionally and personally. So, dear members, who do you think should be honoured next?  Nominate a deserving woman here!

This award can only be won once. Previous winners are: Ngila Dickson (2004), Robin Scholes (2005), Chloe Smith (2006), Diana Rowan (2007), Robin Laing (2008), Caterina De Nave (2009), Gaylene Preston (2010), Annie Collins (2014), Jane Wrightson (2016).

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A feast of films at the HP48HRS Grand Final

Posted Tuesday 31 Oct 2017


Yes, the HP48Hours Grand Final has something for everyone: love and laughs, friendship and fairytales, horror  crime, a bit of blood... Sit back and watch the best 15 HP48Hours films in Auckland's beautiful Civic Theatre. We can't wait to see who wins the Gaylene Preston WIFT NZ Best Female Director Award! Hosted by the lovely Rose Matafeo, the show starts at 7:30 pm. Don't miss out!

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When: Doors open 7:00pm, show starts 7:30pm

Where: Saturday 11 November, The Civic, Auckland