This Chill is one you'll want to catch

Posted Tuesday 03 Oct 2017

If you're a homegrown music fan, and would love to chat with a local legend, here's your chance! Notable Pictures has launched an international Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in support of its theatrical documentary on Martin Phillipps and The Chills. Now at the half-way point, the Kickstarter campaign just needs another 100 donors and an anonymous backer will contribute an additional $5,000 towards the $60,000 goal.

Produced by Tim Riley, Nicola Peeperkoorn (also the writer) and Julia Parnell (also a co-director), the film chronicles band leader Phillipps' unyielding pursuit of music in the face of tenuous fame, depression and addiction.

Contributors have the chance to acquire limited-edition artwork and music, as well as exclusive, personal interactions with Martin Phillipps (pictured below, second from left).

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