Pioneering producer Midge Sanford to speak at BSS

Posted Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

Remember Madonna's first movie? Desperately Seeking Susan was at the vanguard of films produced by women, and those women are coming to New Zealand to share their story. Midge Sanford and business partner Sarah Pillsbury set up their film production company Sanford/Pillsbury Productions in 1982, and were a pioneering team of women producers in a male-dominated industry. Their first project, Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Madonna, helped put them on the map and led to a string of films including River's Edge, Eight Men Out, And The Band Played On, and How to Make an American Quilt. Sanford will speak about making independent films at this year's Big Screen Symposium at Auckland University's Business School September 30 - October 1.
Listen to National Radio' Kim Hill interview with Midge Sanford (amusingly titled, Desperately Seeking Funding)

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WIFTers make regional finals of 48HOURS

Posted Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

A round of applause please, for our many members who made it into the regional finals for Best Female Director of the HP48HOURS! Below is a list of all the finalists in the main regions, and you'll find a list of all nominees here.

Snow Country dir Hweiling Ow and Mia Marama

Image/ a still from Snow Country For Cold Elves

Annie Bentall - After T & L
Lauren Porteous - Under the Bridge
Rachel Nicholls - Self Service
Hweiling Ow & Mia Marama - Snow Country for Cold Elves
Annie Duckworth - SPACE PSUSY

Mata Freshwater - The Real Rare Arctic Firefly
Lucy Allan - Hard to Peas
Taylor Galmiche - Lady Red and the Blue Goop
Molly Robson - Strewth Ruth

Laura Gebbie - A Slime of Passion
Liz Keizerwaard - White Christmas
Vanessa Wells - Down 2 The Wire
Jessica Blennerhassett - Home
Debbie Klausen - Impact