Test audience needed for screening in Wellington

Posted Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

Cliffs of Freedom chronicles the journey of a Greek peasant girl after tragedy befalls her family. Joining with fellow rebel fighters she fights for freedom, galvanizing a country to rise up against an oppressive Ottoman Empire. The film is running a work-in-progress test screening that includes a questionnaire to fill out and a short Q&A, plus a viewing of one alternate cut scene. The film is not yet finished and still has some preliminary visual effects, unfinished music and sound effects. A warning though: the film contains violent realistic scenes of battle and murder, but no sex/nude scenes and no foul language. Register your interest by emailing stephen@marinaccio.com

Date:  27 Sept 2017

Time:  7:30pm

Where:  Park Road Post, 141 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington