WIFTers make regional finals of 48HOURS

Posted Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

A round of applause please, for our many members who made it into the regional finals for Best Female Director of the HP48HOURS! Below is a list of all the finalists in the main regions, and you'll find a list of all nominees here.

Snow Country dir Hweiling Ow and Mia Marama

Image/ a still from Snow Country For Cold Elves

Annie Bentall - After T & L
Lauren Porteous - Under the Bridge
Rachel Nicholls - Self Service
Hweiling Ow & Mia Marama - Snow Country for Cold Elves
Annie Duckworth - SPACE PSUSY

Mata Freshwater - The Real Rare Arctic Firefly
Lucy Allan - Hard to Peas
Taylor Galmiche - Lady Red and the Blue Goop
Molly Robson - Strewth Ruth

Laura Gebbie - A Slime of Passion
Liz Keizerwaard - White Christmas
Vanessa Wells - Down 2 The Wire
Jessica Blennerhassett - Home
Debbie Klausen - Impact