Getty targets Maori women for new funding grant

Posted Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Creative M?ori w?hine, here's a fantastic opportunity for you: the brand new Getty Array Grant specifically identifies M?ori filmmakers and photographers as eligible to take part in the contest for four grants of US$5000 each. The total US$20,000 grant will be awarded to two commercial creative photographers and two editorial filmmakers who capture the visual narrative of underrepresented ethnic communities "such as M?ori, Indigenous, African American, Caribbean, South Asian, Arab or Latinx" for example, and use their medium to progress visual representation.

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The most profitable $3 million and $10 million movies

Posted Thursday 26 Apr 2018

The hardworking blogger Stephen Followes has come up with more fascinating results from his series of studies on the most profitable films, this time for films budgeted between $3 million and $10 million. This budget range makes up an important part of the independent film landscape, says Followes. "The budget is high enough to support hiring well-known actors and actresses, or to spend more on the "polish" of the film, but low enough that every penny has to be spent wisely for the investment to show up on the screen."  Followes found the films that broke out at this budget level include some of the best indie films of the century so far, several of which earned Oscar glory. He also found they fitted four distinct groups:
1 Character study dramas
2 High concept horror
3 Breakout documentaries
4 Crowd pleasers

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