HP48 Hours offers female filmmaker award

Posted Friday 13 Apr 2018

Here's your chance to have a wild weekend away from your normal routine! Enter the HP48HOURS Filmmaking Competition and test your skills, creativity, patience and caffeine tolerance. This year the competition will offer an 'outstanding female filmmaker' award, so there's even more incentive for our members to enter. The competition organisers are also seeking more entries from Maori filmmakers, secondary schools and universities, and are offering 10 free entries to community groups and charity organisations. The intensity begins at 7pm on Friday May 11 and doesn't let up until the final deadline at 7pm on Sunday May 13!

Earlybird registration ($40 fee reduction) is now open, register at 48hours.co.nz

Here's a new video that explains the competition >>

View past 48HOURS films here >>

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Screenplay descriptions of 50 famous female film characters

Posted Friday 13 Apr 2018

The faded movie star Norma Desmond wearing sunglasses inside; the elegant Holly Golightly with her "breakfast-cereal air of health"; the "lean and hungry" Katniss Everdeen "robbed of her little girl years long ago". Vulture.com has rifled through countless old screenplays to find the descriptions for 50 notable female film characters, young and old, heroine and foe, star and supporting character. Vulture reports that, "Some interesting, sometimes frustrating, trends emerge in the details; you may not be shocked to learn that [the characters' looks] are described far more than those of their male counterparts'." Do have a read, they offer plenty of insight into how Hollywood viewed and created roles for women.

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