Avatar internships available!

Posted Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

The team at Avatar is offering a series of internships and these are the first. Let's fill them all with WIFT members. Get in and apply!

Unit Production Manager
Duration:12 November 2018 until 19 August 2019
Reports to: UPM
Scope of internship: to report directly to the PM and UPM and learn the various aspects to Production Managing a large scale feature film, covering topics like budgeting, scheduling, crew hiring, insurance, legal issue, equipment and general management.  Candidate needs to have experience in production and show an interest in moving up to production managing eventually.

Production Accounts
Duration:12 November 2018 until 19 August 2019
Reports to: Production Accountant
Scope of internship: will work within Accounts department, helping with day to day accounts office work while also being exposed to budgeting, cost reporting, grant management payroll and management of accounts team.  Candidate needs to have previous experience in accounts but not necessarily a production accountant already.

General Notes:
- Positions will need to be Wellington based for the duration of the internship
- Interns will be paid
- Applications Close 31 August 2018

To apply, send an email to: nzinfo@avtr.com with the subject: Internship application - UPM or Production Accounts. Send your resume along with a covering letter explaining why the internship programme would be a great fit for you. A pool of potential candidates from the applicants will be selected to meet and interview and interns will be selected from there.

These internships are entry level positions in very specific areas so definitely aimed at people starting out in the industry. It will be a great opportunity for people to learn by being exposed to the mechanics of a film of this size and hopefully give them the knowledge to find work in these areas once the internships finishes.