Be involved in telling NZ What Women Want!

Posted Wednesday 29 Aug 2018

An intelligent, interactive, entertaining Q & A style show, featuring NZ's women leaders, activists, comedians and change-makers? That's right up our alley! Diva Productions is producing What Women Want, to be filmed in front of an invited audience in Auckland, and hosted by acclaimed journalist and broadcaster Alison Mau, who also introduced the #MeToo campaign to NZ. Embracing a chat show format (think Graham Norton), Mau will ask contributors several questions connected to their work and ares of expertise. The main aim is to have a lively and engaging conversation that addresses the important issues facing NZ women today. At the end of each conversation the aim is to summarise some key outcomes, and so deliver clear answers to the question What Do Women Want? Four main themes will be covered during the show: ending sexual violence and domestic abuse, health and pay equity.

To counter-balance these serious topics, some of NZ's most popular female comedians will perform short scripted comedy segments on stage to help lighten the tone and to punctuate key messages - this is a celebration after all, and the best way to engage people is through humour. The event will be MC'd by the Topp Twins, with some couch banter and short skits &/or stand-up performed by Madeleine Sami, Michele A-Court, Jackie Van Beek and Mel Bracewell. Due to scheduling pressures, some of the comedy performances may be filmed during the afternoon before the audience arrives.

The conversations and profiles will be edited and uploaded to as a delayed 'live' Suffrage Special, on 19 September, with shorter topic-related content published online throughout the month of September 2018. RNZ will be a secondary platform for selective content. All the content will also be available to view at a dedicated URL,, with clips uploaded to Youtube. The website will also be home to an extensive network of inspiring women.

Audience - that's you!
Each contributor will be offered tickets to the live event - there will be TWO sittings.
The first (PART A) starts at 4pm and finishes at 7 pm. After a 30 minute break the second audience will be required from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.
PART A will include an Overview Discussion, Ending Domestic Abuse & Health.

PART B will include Ending Sexual Violence and Pay Equity. Guests are welcome to attend both, but it will be a long sitting.
There is no charge to the public for this event. The invited studio audience will be from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and include representatives from various women's groups. The audience will be invited to participate via social media contribute to an online discussion.

When: 12 September from 4pm to 10.30pm
Where: the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Epsom Girls' Grammar, Gillies Ave, Epsom, Auckland
Ticket requests: please email Michelle Duff Seats are limited so get in quick!

What time commitment is involved?
The duration of each segment is about an hour. It's best to arrive at the venue at least 90 minutes before the filming of your segment. This allows for make-up, a professional photo and short Video ID (everyone will be filmed back-stage) and also time to meet your fellow contributors, and Ali Mau.

Make-up & clothing
Please come with your usual make-up applied already, so the professional TV make-up crew can just touch up what you normally like to wear. It's best to not wear busy patterns such as checks or stripes, no fluoro and no brands.

For more information, please email Arani Cuthbert at



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Your chance to quiz Helen Clark and Gaylene Preston

Posted Wednesday 29 Aug 2018

Opportunities like this don't come up very often, so make the most of this one! For the first time in Auckland, Helen Clark will attend a screening of renowned director Gaylene Preston's My Year With Helen for Q&A after the session. Demand.Film is presenting this one-off special event to celebrate Suffrage 125, this September's commemoration of 125 years since New Zealand women won the right to vote. The film follows Clark through her 2016 campaign for United Nations Secretary General, while also working on global development issues as Head of UNDP and staying in daily contact with her then 94-year-old father back in New Zealand. My Year With Helen is even more relevant in these times of #Timesup; it's the story of Clark's resilience in the face of entrenched sexism in one of the world's largest organisations. Go along to watch the film, and delight in the sharp wit Clark reveals in the Q&A sessions and in the behind-the-scenes revelations from Preston about her struggle to make the film.

When: 6:30 pm 6 September, 2018
Where: Hoyts Sylvia Park Cinema, Auckland


IMAGE/Helen Clark and Gaylene Preston during filming of My Year With Helen