Director's Toolkit workshop with Danny Mulheron in Auckland

Posted Monday 27 Aug 2018

An experienced director, writer and actor for stage and screen, Danny Mulheron will take you through a number of topics relevant to today's actor-director relationshipsin this two-day DEGNZ-organised workshop. Day one topics will include what to do when you're bored with the script; when you need more depth from your actors; when you prefer what you don't want - and recognising it; how to keep out of the way; and how to not fall in love with your actors (too much). Day two will guide participants on working with actors, script reads, rehearsing, shooting and blocking through the use of demonstration and class exercises. Applications are due by 3 pm Wednesday 5 September.

When: Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 September
Where: Meeting Room, 2 Kingsland Terrace, Kingsland, Auckland