Where are the audiences? Latest NZOA report results explain

Posted Monday 27 Aug 2018

It's a timely question to ask, and one NZ On Air has set about answering in its Where are the Audiences? survey series. One of the most significant trends confirmed in the latest survey shows that online media has overtaken traditional media in terms of audience size. Online video and music streaming both reach nearly eight in ten 15-24 year olds each day, while SVOD shows the biggest growth since 2016 (56%) over-taking the audience of declining linear TV (46%). One of the biggest declines in audience size is linear TV - down 31%  which is mainly due to a decline in pay TV platform viewing (down 30%). Following the decline in reach of linear TV overall, the daily reach of most TV channels shows a decline since 2016 among 15-24 year olds. TVNZ 2 remains the most popular but the significant decline in the reach of Three means TVNZ 1 is now the second most popular channel among 15-24 year olds.


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Gender Matters report shows increase in key Australian screen industry roles for women

Posted Monday 27 Aug 2018

Here's an update with good news from our sisters across the Tasman. Screen Australia has released the second instalment of tracking against its Gender Matters target, which reveals in the year 2017/18 the majority of feature film, documentary, television drama and online dramas that received production funding from the agency, had women occupying at least half of the key creative roles. This is the first time that this has occurred across all content types since tracking began in 2015/16. Screen Australia's Gender Matters target is that by the end of 2018/19, half of the projects that receive production funding will have women occupying at least 50% of key creative roles. However, while there has been real improvement in female participation, there is still work to be done, particularly in the feature film sector which is a high profile part of the industry.