WIFTers feature at Basement Theatre

Posted Wednesday 01 Aug 2018

Fancy some live theatre? Go along to Auckland's Basement Theatre and support your fellow WIFTers' endeavours. Catch director Kate McGill's Run Rabbit and writer and director Natalie Medlock's tragic comedy Near Death Experience while you can - and don't forget to use your WIFT member card to get your discount!

Run Rabbit
Black Agnes has awoken straight from a dirty siege amidst an invasion of the 1300's, and takes the audience on a narrative that traces back from her ancient lineage to present day 2018.
When: 24 July - 4 August 6.30pm
Where: The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Avenue, Auckland


Near Death Experience
When: 31 July - 04 August 8pm
Where: The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Avenue, Auckland

Writer and actor, Natalie Medlock debuts her latest stage play, a tragic comedy inspired by her own lived experience with anxiety and depression. Near-Death Experience follows a young woman named Tabby post her most recent suicide attempt. Tabby has a near-death experience. She falls in love with a chicken-headed God called Carl Jung. Tabby is resuscitated but she is determined to return to her love. Her divorced parents come together to care for her, and through this, navigate their own love story.