WIFTers need your support for Walk A Mile

Posted Wednesday 08 Aug 2018

Here's your chance to help bring a project to life! Walk A Mile, a short film involving Judith Cowley (writer and director, pictured below) Sarah Anne Dudley and Janine Frei, is 63% of the way towards its Boosted campaign  goal of $10,000. The film is about grumpy, solitary Russ who is faced with a predicament; should he reach out to neighbours he can't abide but who desperately need his help, or should he turn away and go back into his shell? Walk a Mile aims to show the power of simple human kindness and connections. The crew are raring to go, and plan to shoot the film in September - yes, next month! - in and around Wellington.

Click here to listen to Jesse Mulligan's interview with Judith on Radio NZ


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Kiwis still prefer traditional broadcast media but online media is fast catching up

Posted Wednesday 08 Aug 2018

Released today, NZ On Air's report Where Are The Audiences? shows that traditional broadcast media is still the most popular way Kiwis consume their television, but only just. Produced by Glasshouse Consulting, the report's key findings are:

  • Weekly audiences for traditional broadcast media are stable, and continue to deliver the biggest audiences, but the gap to online video and SVOD is closing
  • The weekly reach of SVOD has nearly doubled since 2016 - now reaching more than 6 in 10 people
  • Weekly reach of physical music formats continues to decline (by 13%) while the rise of Spotify continues, now reaching one in three New Zealanders each week
  • On a daily basis linear TV has declined - driven by a fall in Sky TV penetration (Free-to-air actually grew 9%)
  • Daily more people view videos on sites like YouTube and Facebook than read a newspaper.
  • On Demand viewing is stable but there's growing use of this as a content source as opposed to catch up viewing.
  • New Zealanders still spend the most time each day on traditional broadcast media
  • 2 � hrs watching linear TV, 1 � hr listening to radio, compared to 62 minutes on SVOD
  • There's significant behaviour difference between under 40s and over 45s but the generation gap is closing as older New Zealanders adopt new tech