WIFTers need your support for Walk A Mile

Posted Wednesday 08 Aug 2018

Here's your chance to help bring a project to life! Walk A Mile, a short film involving Judith Cowley (writer and director, pictured below) Sarah Anne Dudley and Janine Frei, is 63% of the way towards its Boosted campaign  goal of $10,000. The film is about grumpy, solitary Russ who is faced with a predicament; should he reach out to neighbours he can't abide but who desperately need his help, or should he turn away and go back into his shell? Walk a Mile aims to show the power of simple human kindness and connections. The crew are raring to go, and plan to shoot the film in September - yes, next month! - in and around Wellington.

Click here to listen to Jesse Mulligan's interview with Judith on Radio NZ