WIFTers youth series returns for 7th season

Posted Friday 24 Aug 2018

We're very pleased to see the work of producer Julia Parnell, and the team at Notable Pictures, returning to air - for a seventh season! Directed by Corinne Hunziker, Both Worlds follows a diverse group of young Kiwis who pick up the camera themselves to tackle subjects such as being a teen parent, LGBTQI identity, environmental sustainability and youth empowerment in politics. Last week featured hip-hop dancer William Rakena, this week it's female rapper Jess B (pictured below). Check out the series trailer and watch the series on Three, Sunday at 11am or on Threenow. We're also glad to hear that wahine have most of the production roles on this series - ka pai!


Rapper Jess B featured in the second episode of Both Worlds, in series 7.

IMAGE/ maoritv.co.nz