NZOA funding application summary

Posted Tuesday 04 Dec 2018

All you need to know about what's been, and will be, happening in the world of NZOA funding for this financial year - right here! Next week the Board meets for the final round of the year and decisions will be out shortly after. That leaves March and May 2019 as the remaining rounds in this financial year, and in these rounds, NZOA says:

- It has just published detailed information on its call for interactive children's games for HEIHEI as part of the March round.

- It has set aside $1m to support the creation of new gaming content for HEIHEI.

- It will not have the funds to support any more premier drama production until July 2019, but in the meantime it aims to focus on returning series for any further development applications.

- It is not seeking Factual production applications in the March round.

- The May round will focus on the annual Platforms submissions, and it will advise in the round information published early in 2019 if it is seeking any other applications.

Meanwhile there are six RFPs open right now:

Scripted feature-length Pasifika/Asian story
(in partnership with NZFC and TVNZ). Deadline 14 December 2019.

Signature Projects
- under the RNZ/NZ On Air Joint Innovation Fund. Deadline 20 December 2019.

Growth Audiences
- under the RNZ/NZ On Air Joint Innovation Fund. Deadline 20 December 2019.

Digital media coproductions for children under 12
- the Canada NZ Digital Media Fund. Deadline 17 January 2019.

Multi-platform children's news service
. Deadline 17 January 2019

Asian and Pacific storytelling projects
. Deadline 11 February 2019.