Posted Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

Today's video slot features a story about food and loving your neighbour - to get you in the Christmas spirit! Written and produced by Dr Sapna Samant, with Amy Barber on sound design, Kimbap is also about the isolation and loneliness of a Korean 'goose' family, where the mother and daughter live in New Zealand so the daughter can go to school here.

Click here to watch Kimbap

IMAGE/a still shot from Kimbap

Meanwhile, Sapna's short film Debts We Pay, which also features a beautiful performance by a young actor, is about an Indian family in Wellington and how they negotiate their lives in an alien cultural setting. Written, directed and co-produced by Sapna, Brett Mills produced the film, Aline Tran was DOP and Michelle Turner was production manager.


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Posted Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

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Photo by Steve Rogers/Getty Images