Rachel Perkins workshop on first-time features

Posted Sunday 11 Feb 2018


Here's a great chance to find out what it's really like to make your first feature film from one who's been there. Australian director Rachel Perkins will front a first-time feature director's workshop and project consultation, via the Directors & Editors Guild of NZ. Perkins (pictured) is well-established in the Australian filmmaking industry as a film and television director, producer and writer. Through these various roles she has managed to provide a much-needed voice for indigenous stories. She plans to give a workshop on the trials, tribulations and preparation for your first feature, while the afternoon will be one-hour project consultations with up to four selected writer/directors or writer and director teams with a narrative drama or feature documentary project in active development. Don't miss out, applications close 9am, Wednesday 28 February.

When: Saturday 17 March
Where: Kingsland, Auckland
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