Sounds like you need a podger ratchet

Posted Tuesday 13 Feb 2018

If you don't know what a podger ratchet is, you can find out at Kenderdine Electrical Limited & Professional Lighting Service's brand new webstore. PLS are a longtime WIFT Awards sponser and, with KEL, have kindly offered our members a 10% off Website Launch Special when you use the promo code WELCOME10. Check out their range of lighting gel, lamps, DMX & power leads and their large range of adhesive tapes.

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Announcing the new Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin

Posted Tuesday 13 Feb 2018

The Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin is a new, annual five-day film event featuring screenings of international and local short and feature film productions of all genres. The inaugural festival will take place on February 8-12, 2019. The FFFB was created to support up and coming female talents from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, who have a unique story to tell. Every year a special section will be dedicated to productions from two countries, and in 2019, the countries are Ireland and Spain.

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FemaleFilmmakersFestival Berlin