That's no ordinary camera...

Posted Monday 26 Feb 2018

No, it's the Monstro 8KK VV weapon camera! This NZ Cinematographers' Guild event promises a feast of technical information, practical shooting tips, and you'll get to test the Monstro yourself. Flying in especially for this session is RED Tech Johny Francis, an experienced DP with a BSC in IT, and Will Yoon the Sales Director for RED's Asia Pacific operations. This technology is part of a new wave sweeping the industry, so here's the perfect opportunity for a hands-on session with people from the coalface. Oh, and it's FREE!
When: Wednesday 7 March, 6:30PM
Where: The Loft, Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mount Eden, Auckland

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Hats off to April

Posted Monday 26 Feb 2018

Multi-talented April Phillips is on an awards roll at the moment. Her short film REM won the Independent Spirit Award at the recent Fantastic Planet Sci-Fi film festival in Sydney, and has also been nominated for seven awards in the Short Film Awards (SOFIES), New York including Best Writing, Best Director, Best Narrative Short Film, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Editing, & Outstanding Technical Work. Phillips also took out the PANZ Award for Outstanding Achievement 2017 for multiple productions of her plays, the second time that she has won this award.