WIFTers included in this year's DEGNZ Incubator programme

Posted Tuesday 27 Feb 2018

We're thrilled for Abi King-Jones, Lauren Porteus, Asuka Sylvie, who will participate in the second DEGNZ Emerging Women Filmmakers Incubator, as will Hiona Henare, Agnes Peel-McGregor, Chantelle Burgoyne, Linda Darby-Coring and Michelle Savill.
Kicking off in March the workshop series will bring in highly successful filmmakers and experts to help develop participants' knowledge, skills and networks as a means to advance their careers and projects in the screen industry. Watch this space...

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That's no ordinary camera...

Posted Tuesday 27 Feb 2018

No, it's the Monstro 8KK VV weapon camera! This NZ Cinematographers' Guild event promises a feast of technical information, practical shooting tips, and you'll get to test the Monstro yourself. Flying in especially for this session is RED Tech Johny Francis, an experienced DP with a BSC in IT, and Will Yoon the Sales Director for RED's Asia Pacific operations. This technology is part of a new wave sweeping the industry, so here's the perfect opportunity for a hands-on session with people from the coalface. Oh, and it's FREE!
When: Wednesday 7 March, 6:30PM
Where: The Loft, Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mount Eden, Auckland

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