Liang voted onto Emerging Directors list

Posted Wednesday 17 Jan 2018


Big news for talented director Roseanne Liang, who has been voted onto The Alice Initiative, a list of female directors who are primed for a studio job. Mid- to top-level film executives at every major studio and several top production companies, had found that when searching for directors for their projects, they ended up calling one another for suggestions of talented women, hence the desire for a formal list. Congratulations Roseanne!

Read the Hollywood Reporter article here


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WIFTer opens her home to you

Posted Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

If you're planning on coming to Auckland need short-term accommodation, here's a great possibility at the home of one of our lovely members!  Much more convivial than a motel room!!

Filmmaker Zia Mandviwalla has a spare room in her spacious, centrally located home and would love to offer it to someone in the film industry. Contact Zia directly for bookings

Below is a sneak peek of Zia's pad!