Oprah's Golden Globes speech spotlights Hollywood's big issue

Posted Tuesday 16 Jan 2018

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Awards ceremonies normally celebrate actors' onscreen performances, but one of the speeches at this year's Golden was award-worthy in itself. Host and comedian Seth Rogen took a number of verbal jabs at Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein, but Oprah Winfrey really charged the atmosphere with an inspiring speech as she accepted the Cecil B deMille Award for "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment".

Watch Oprah at the Golden Globes here - and join us in giving her a standing ovation!

Watch Seth Rogen's speech


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Little change for women, black or Asian directors, says new report

Posted Tuesday 16 Jan 2018

It's been a year of enormous upheaval for the film industry, but a new report analysing the directors of top-grossing US films has found 'no meaningful change in over a decade' for female, black and Asian directors. The report, authored by Dr Stacy L Smith and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, combined data on the gender, race, and age of 1,223 filmmakers working on 1,100 top-grossing films released between 2007 and 2017. The analysis also focused on women in executive and leadership positions at major media companies.

Some key findings on gender from the study include:

- Across 11 years and 1,100 movies, 96% of all directors were male and 4% were female. This translates to 22 male directors hired to every one female director.

- Only four black female directors, two Asian female directors, and one Latina were hired to direct across 1,100 popular movies.

- Male directors start their careers earlier (20s) than female directors and some continue working into their 70s and 80s. The latter is not the case for women directors.

Read the full report here