Wellington screenwriters residency applications open

Posted Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

Here's a great opportunity for screenwriters in the capital: producer Vicki Pope and director Rob Sarkies have partnered with Wellington's Toi P?neke Art Centre to offer a 12-week residency for a Wellington-based screenwriter. To apply, you'll need to have a feature film script at a stage that will benefit from development. The resident writer will get a studio space, a small stipend, plus development input from Pope and Sarkies. Pope says she's "thrilled" because "these things can be the difference between a writer being able to work, or not."
The deadline is 16 February so get get cracking and apply!

Click here for the guidelines and application form


Vicky Pope and Rob Sarkies


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Welcome to our new members

Posted Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

A big thank you to our many new members listed below who have joined up recently, we really value and welcome your support.
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