Doctor Who character now attainable for the other half of the population

Posted Wednesday 18 Jul 2018

The teasers for Dr Who, starring the first ever female Doctor, have been released, and the lead actress, Jodie Whittaker, has said she hopes the BBC's decision to cast a woman as the iconic Time Lord (Lady?) for the first time in the show's 55-year history, will inspire young girls. "There's the chiseled superhero that we're used to seeing and we've all grown up with," she said in an interview with Radio Times. "But Doctor Who has never been that, which is wonderful. [The character is] attainable in so many ways. And now it isn't just attainable for half of the population. The other half can be the Doctor as well." She added: "Girls will no longer just think, 'Oh, I could be a companion*.' Being the first female Doctor and showing children that their heroes in shows don't always look the same is a huge honour for me."

* The Doctor's companions travel with him, and have mostly been female.

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WIN tickets to On Chesil Beach

Posted Wednesday 18 Jul 2018

Saoirse Ronan is everywhere lately - not that we're complaining! This week we have five double passes to give away to On Chesil Beach starring Ronan, and Billy Howle. Based on the best-selling novel by Ian McEwan, the film is a powerful, insightful drama about two people, both defined by their upbringing and bound by the social mores of another era. Florence (Ronan) and Edward (Howle, last seen in Dunkirk) are a young couple in their early twenties. Now on their honeymoon, they learn about the differences between them - their attitudes, temperaments and their drastically different backgrounds. Out on the beach on their fateful wedding day, one of them makes a major decision that will utterly change both of their lives forever.

On Chesil Beach opens in NZ cinemas from August 30

To be in to win, click here to watch the trailer and send your answer to the question below in the subject line of an email, before 5pm Monday 13 August, 2018. Winners only will be notified, by email.

Question: According to Florence and her sister, Edward doesn't know the difference between what two edible