McIntosh: exciting times for female directors

Posted Wednesday 18 Jul 2018

Director Zoe McIntosh says she's been called "a painful optimist" when describing her attitude toward women in film. McIntosh, whose short film The World In Your Window has picked up multiple awards at international festivals, told Radio New Zealand that, despite the lack of women behind the camera, it's still an exciting time to be a female director. She said that along with a push for more gender representation from the NZ Film Commission, the best sign of change was that people were now more open-minded about, and acknowledged, the gender gap in film making. Being a female director had been a "lovely asset" to her work, she added. "You can manage to get a different kind of intimacy with talent, because they can soften" [toward women]."

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NZOA no funds for new development projects in October

Posted Wednesday 18 Jul 2018

Hold up a minute folks, there's news from NZ On Air about the October funding round! Because of constrained funding available, and the high number of projects currently in development, NZOA won't be accepting proposals for new development projects for October.
Factual genres for this round include Children's, Documentary, Information, and Events for targeted audiences
Scripted genres for this round include Children's, Drama and Comedy for targeted audiences.

Here's a helpful timeline for your applications:

25 July 2018, 9am - Funding round opens
�    All applications must be made through the online application system
�    Applications not submitted online will not be accepted
9 August 2018 - 4pm - application deadline
�    Late applications will not be considered
�    In exceptional circumstances, for time-sensitive projects agreed prior by the Head of Funding, NZOA says it may consider an out of time application�but adds, "we won't be generous".
1 October 2018 - applicants notified

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