WIFTer funding success for comedy and drama

Posted Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

A big round of applause to South Pacific Pictures, Screentime New Zealand and Great Southern Television, who have received funding to tell a bunch of very Kiwi stories in NZOA's latest funding round. SPP's improvised sitcom Educators will screen on TVNZ On Demand and star a dysfunctional bunch of staff at a Kiwi secondary school. SPP was also awarded funding for series 5 of the popular Westside, to screen on Three. Great Southern Television will produce Jonah: The Untold Story, a two-part mini-series also to screen on Three, telling the phenomenal story of the boy from Tonga and NZ who took the rugby world by storm. Screentime New Zealand will dramatise Ablaze, the tragic story of New Zealand's worst fire disaster, the Ballentyne's department store in Christchurch, for TVNZ 1's Sunday Theatre.



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A Mark Travis masterclass on directing scenes of sex and intimacy

Posted Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

Directors know that the biggest challenge when directing scenes of sex and intimacy is building an environment of safety and trust for all involved. Actors need to feel safe to allow themselves to meld with their characters.Characters need to feel safe to express their desires, cravings, compulsions, contradictions and fears. The director is instrumental for creating this environment so the characters can flourish and the scene come alive on its own. In this masterclass, esteemed US consultant, Mark Travis (pictured below) will demonstrate how to work with actors to create the atmosphere and environment conducive for the organic unfolding of intimacy  masterclass on directing scenes of sex and intimacy. Travis is regarded by Hollywood and independent film professionals internationally as a leading teacher and consultant on the art and craft of film directing.

When: Thursday 16 August at 6:00pm
Where: The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
Cost: a $5 koha is appreciated

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This is a stand-alone, one-hour specialised masterclass, but to get the most from it consider attending the One-Day Travis Technique Master Class on Sunday, August 12 at Auckland's ASB Waterfront Theatre.