Support our WIFTers in their Boosted campaigns

Posted Tuesday 05 Jun 2018

It's that time of the year again - the wonderful team at Loading Docs has made their selection and this year we have two WIFT members to get behind! Let's hear it for Morgan Leigh Stewart and Jane Mahoney!

As well as helping with mentoring, script development and post-production, Loading Docs contributes $4,450 towards production costs for each doco. Filmmakers have to raise the rest of the budget through a Boosted crowd funding campaign. Here's a bit more about their projects, and the Boosted! links where you can show your support!

She Speeds (top image)

Director: Morgan Leigh Stewart
In the exhilarating and male-dominated world of dirt track racing, stock car driver Brooke does what she loves most: races. The fiercely determined Brooke navigates the pits, the track, the past, and the future of NZ's most beloved motorsport.

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What Logan Did (bottom image)

Director/Producer: Jane Mahoney
A passionate young Nga?i Tahu inventor is on a mission to rid New Zealand's rivers of Didymo, and the way he's going about it is truly remarkable.

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