All about The Freelance Agency

Posted Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

The Freelance Agency is new in town, and wanted to introduce themselves. Here's a little bit about them, in their own words.

The Freelance Agency represents NZ's leading independent screen production talent. We look after Directors, DPs and Editors across every genre and format and are in constant contact with clients, agencies and production companies. Our aim is to find you work that wouldn't have normally come to you, and your relationship with us is non-exclusive, so doesn't affect any current deals or ongoing work/projects. This new work may be commercials, content, digital films, narrative work or anything else that involves visual storytelling.
We promote you through our website, contacts and regular marketing campaigns. Then when we get you work with one of our clients, we negotiate the terms / project fee and then discuss the offer with you.  
It is everyone's interest to generate as much work as possible of course, so the more people we represent, the more work we can attract.

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VIDEO SLOT: Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rachel Morrison

Posted Tuesday 13 Mar 2018


American Rachel Morrison made history this year by becoming the first woman to be nominated for the best cinematography Oscar, for her work on Dee Rees' Mudbound (2017). In this interview on Indiewire, she talks about how her early career in reality TV and documentaries helped shape her work today. "I dance with the camera in response someone else's emotion". Most recently she was director of photography of Black Panther.

Watch the interview here >>