Easter reading for you: journalist navigates treacherous territory of the Weinstein Effect

Posted Wednesday 28 Mar 2018

Grab a coffee, find a comfortable seat, crack open the Easter eggs and check out this great opinion piece by Australian journalist David Leser, published in The Age. Titled Women, men and the whole damn thing, Leser makes mention of our own Lucy Lawless and former NZ PM Helen Clark, both of whom he has profiled in the past. He navigates some "treacherous territory" as he outlines the complexities of the Harvey Weinstein Effect, and asks, what happens now?

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A welcome funding boost for New Zealand-Canada coproductions

Posted Wednesday 28 Mar 2018

Fantastic news for these digital media co-productions, which have received funding from the NZ On Air and the Canada Media Fund (CMF) joint funding initiative.
A Paper World by Signal Space Inc & Kiwa Digital, is an app where augmented reality and crafting paper origami models are combined to enable children to create and care for their own digital world. It's received funding up to $CAD 97,151 and NZ On Air funding up to $CAD 130,366, total funding up to (CAD $227,517.
Hide & Seek with Kiri and Lou, by Yowza Animation Corp & Kiri and Lou Ltd, allows kids to hide and discover augmented reality characters in their own real world, and has received CMF funding up to $CAD 97,806, NZ On Air funding up to $CAD 189,990 and total funding up to $CAD 287,797.