IMDB stats show women-led films more profitable

Posted Sunday 11 Mar 2018

Well, here are some interesting statistics to chew over. Oscar-nominated films with a woman in the starring role are more profitable than their male-led counterparts, according to BBC analysis. Female-led films earn higher box office returns - despite usually lower production budgets.
Just 28% of films nominated for an Oscar since 2013 have had an actress taking top billing. Oscar-nominated films with a clearly definable female lead were 33% more profitable than male-led films, when comparing US box office and production budget.
Among 2017's 100 top-grossing US films, those with a female lead earned back more on their budgets - led by The Last Jedi starring Daisy Ridley, which made �442.7 million (about $NZ841.8 million).
This is partly driven by box office returns that are 7% higher on average than their male-led counterparts, but to a greater extent because the majority of female-led films have significantly lower budgets.
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