What do Oscar winning short films have in common?

Posted Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

Well, they're short on women directors for one thing. Data collected by blogger Stephen Follows shows that women make up a small percentage of the people behind Oscar-nominated short films - 14% of directors, 14% of writers and 27% of producers (1957-2017). Follows reports that the Oscar situation was far bleaker for female filmmakers in the 1950s and 1960s, and things improved dramatically in the 1970s.  Sadly, some of those gains have now been lost, with female representation among directors and writers declining since then.

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WIFT NZ 2018 Awards wrap-up

Posted Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

You have been waiting for it, particularly if you are not in Auckland!  Gather together and watch the full WIFT Awards ceremony on Red Carpet TV, courtesy of one of our newest members, Debbie Byrnand. You can watch the 3-minute version, with interviews here on TVNZ On Demand.
We thank our MC Theresa Healey, our special guest performer Miss Tami Nielson, and our DJ Tina Turntables! Casey Zilbert won the Fulcrum Media Finance Woman to Watch Award and she was interviewed by Simon Morris for Standing Room Only last Sunday. Have a listen to her very articulate discussion with Simon.
And as you know, there are many images up on our Facebook page - from both our photographer for the evening, Norrie Montgomery, and from the Red Carpet TV team.
That's it until 2020!!  It was fabulous!  Congratulations to you all for making it through another two years in the industry!!