Volunteer crew flocks to Waikato short film Blink

Posted Wednesday 23 May 2018




In the historic Matangi dairy factory, just outside of Hamilton, something special is taking place. Led by writer-director Paige Larianova and producer Chris Williams, a group of passionate film-makers are filming the short story Blink. What started as a no-budget production has grown through word-of-mouth into a much bigger undertaking.
"We thought we'd have a team of about 25", says Chris, "but at last count we have 72 passionate professionals volunteering their time with us for free."
Blink follows the story of Sally, a one-time could-have-been champion in an illegal, underground competition. Washed-up and tossed aside, Sally's glory days appear to be behind her. She spends her nights waiting tables. But everything can change in the blink of an eye. Blink stars Joanna Bishop, Derek Neal, Laurie Hayes and Phill Palmer, and we're glad to see that there's a large number of female crew including AD Kelly Fritz, DP Sara Guix,  art director Anya Gladstone, hair & makeup manager Pip Grundy, and wardrobe Dani Soepnel.
We're looking forward to seeing the final film!