Feminism and faith up for debate in Wellington tonight

Posted Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

The first City Gallery Wellington's Contemporary Feminism series panel kicks off tonight in partnership with RNZ, so get to the Gallery to hear Kim Hill chair a panel discussing the topic of 'Feminism and Faith'. The panel will be tackling questions such as, how do feminists reconcile contradictions between feminism and faith? What can religious communities do to support gender equality? And what happens when you lose faith?

The speakers are Saziah Bashir, a freelance journalist commenting on issues of social justice, race, and gender; Caroline Blyth, who lectures in Religious Studies at the University of Auckland; the Reverend Jean Malcolm, Co-Vicar of St Peter's on Willis (Anglican Church), Wellington; Lilia Tarawa who was born into the infamous Gloriavale cult and broke free from the religious community when she was 18. Now she is a writer and speaker on how to build healthy self esteem!

When: 6pm Wednesday 24 October (tonight!)

City Gallery Wellington, Civic Square