Hakaraia's short premieres at imagiNATIVE festival

Posted Tuesday 23 Oct 2018

It's a long way from ?taki to Toronto, Canada, but this short film has made the journey! Libby Hakaraia's second short film, The Gravedigger of Kapu, recently had its world premiere in Toronto at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. The film was written and directed by Hakaraia and shot at ?taki's Te Pou o Tainui Marae. Hakaraia is also director of the M?oriland Film Festival, so we're looking forward to seeing what goodies she and Madeleine de Young, M?oriland Film Festival Co-ordinator, bring back from imagiNATIVE for the M?oriland Film Festival in March!



Actors Jim Moriarty and T?nira Cooper in The Gravedigger of Kapu