NZ Cinematographers Gala Dinner tickets available now

Posted Saturday 06 Oct 2018

The excitement is building...the 2018 NZCS Awards dinner is an occasion to help the image-making community celebrate how much New Zealand cinematographers have achieved in the past year. The extraordinary depth of New Zealand cinematography will be on show, from on-the-spot news and stunning music videos, through to major Hollywood, BBC and Netflix productions. Over 180 entries promise to make this year's NZCS Awards the most exciting yet. The charming and accomplished Antonia Prebble leads the evening as the master of ceremonies and the award presentations will be fast-paced with lots of time for socialising and catching up with friends and colleagues over dinner and drinks. The best New Zealand and international screen industry companies are supporting the NZCS Awards. Tickets are selling fast so you need to be quick to reserve your place!

20 Oct 2018 6:15 pm
Where: Grand Tea Room, The Heritage, 35 Hobson St, Auckland 

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Hellreigel at the helm of successful Songbroker

Posted Saturday 06 Oct 2018

It's great to see local IP being exported carefully and successfully, and one Wifter doing this is musician and founder of Songbroker, Jan Hellreigel (pictured below). Music copyright is in many ways the perfect export. It costs nothing to ship, very little store, and crosses borders without attracting tariffs. The carbon footprint is negligible. In the past few months, Songbroker has found interested users for original New Zealand music all over the world, including a 1980s Look Blue Go Purple song for US fashion label Tory Birch, and The Verlaines on new Netflix crime series Big Dogs.