Parrot Analytics makes content data talk

Posted Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

Operations director of Parrot Analytics, Dil Khosa is a member of WIFT NZ and a great supporter. In the new year we'll be adding useful data content to our newsletter, generously provided by Parrot. Meanwhile, Parrot Analytics is behind the first-ever data-driven TV content awards, to be presented at the NATPE international content market in Miami on January 22, 2019. We consumers express our demand for TV shows in many different ways, such as social media engagement, video streaming and peer-to-peer protocols, blogging, and research platforms. Parrot Analytics is the only company that captures, weighs, and combines data from that social media engagement into a single content demand measurement. This means, for the first time ever, content decisions can be made using globally consistent data showing how content brands resonate with consumers.