Variety's list of female horror flick directors

Posted Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blum stirred up controversy by stating there weren't "a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror." So came up with 15 directors they believe are perfect for the next cannibal, zombie or slasher movie.

Click here to find out who they are. We'd add our own Roseanne Liang to the list!


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NZ screen sector needs special employment framework to stay competitive

Posted Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

If the New Zealand screen sector wants to remain globally competitive, it needs its own employment framework, a working group says. Directors and Editors Guild head Tui Ruwhiu, NZ Writers Guild head Alice Shearman, and Ng? Aho Whakaari executive director Erina Tamepo, were among the 13 members who agreed on a series of recommendations, based on the view that the screen sector is unique and needed its own set of labour laws, and that workers can agree to either be employees or contractors. They also recommend extending the special status beyond a narrow definition of film production to cover TV, film, web, gaming, and emerging technologies in virtual and augmented reality. The group expects that bargaining will lead to different collective contracts for each major occupational group - such as technicians, writers, directors, actors and stunt people - and would set the minimum terms and conditions for contractors.