WIFTers win NZOA funding for children's TV

Posted Monday 08 Oct 2018

And congratulations to these Wifters who, with NZOA funding, are charged with creating a range of fun, engaging and (just quietly) educational content for children:

Field Theory
for Kiri And Lou 2 for TVNZ 2 and HEIHEI
Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions for The Feijoa Club for HEIHEI
Tikilounge Productions for Tales Of The Moana - The Enchanted Ocean for HEIHEI
Whitebait Productions for What Now 2019, and Fanimals 2019, both for TVNZ 2 and HEIHEI
Augusto for This Might Work!, for HEIHEI
Greenstone TV for Young Riders, for TVNZ On Demand and HEIHEI, Kitchen Science for HEIHEI and Young Ocean Explorers for youngoceanexplorers.com and HEIHEI 
Attitude Pictures for George & Me 2, and Who Cares�Stare! both for HEIHEI.

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